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Where are the Free 3D Models?

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3D Cafe has been around since the late 80's - 1989 as a matter of fact. Students and experienced modelers have used our website for years to study and share information about 3D modeling. If you're looking for FREE 3D models, you're in the right place, but there is a sharing process in which we ask that our visitors share a few models with our modeling community. After you (submit ) a few models through our form, we will give you access to our model database.

Q. Why do I need to submit a model? A. If others before you didn't share their models, you'd not have anything to download. We've made it a policy that before we give anyone access to our FREE model database, they must share at least "3" of their own models by submitting them to be shared with our modeling community. It's a small price to pay for access to FREE models.

The models that you submit MUST be your own models and not models that you've found or downloaded from other places. When you submit your models you're claiming that you've designed them and that you are the author. If we find that you've submitted someone elses models, you risk being banned from using our services.

Submit Your Models to Get FREE Models

Our model database, especially our FREE model database, grow's every day from user submissions. It's important to give back to the community and not just take from it. Communities were formed from people like you, who have shared their knowledge and imagination in the world of 3D. Please help keep our community strong and share a few of your models so someone else on the other side of the world can learn by exploring and by experimenting with your models. Before you begin, please read the model submission guidelines below.

Model submission guidelines:

  • Your model must be your original work.
  • You must send in your MODEL with screenshots and thumbnails as a zipped archive. Please note not every model will be accepted.
  • Only use materials you own, or have permission to use in your submission.

If your model is accepted:

  • You grant a license to our readers to use the model in their own learning projects without reference to yourself or 3DCafe. They may not reproduce the model itself or resell it.

How do prepare my models for submission to 3D Cafe?

  • Create several renderings of the model showing it from all different angles
  • You should also create at least two wire-frame images to illustrate how the model is constructed.
  • Create the images as 1100x1100 JPG or PNG images to make them look their best on 3DCafe.
  • Note the vertex and polygon counts for your 3D model. If the model was created with NURBS, vertex and polygon counts are not necessary.
  • Package the models and textures up in a ZIP file for each format that you provide.

Submit Your Models to Get FREE Models

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